Other Services

WHOLESHEBANG is not your typical marketing and strategy firm. We do what we love, and there’s other stuff that we love outside our space. But… it’s still all about success and the client winning.

Access matters and we have it! We uniquely create the path to introductions that open the door to new business for your personal career or your companies’ growth. Almost 20 years in Central Florida gives us the ability to connect the dots and “get you” to the right person. We enable your personal brand or your companies’ value to be seen and heard. It’s nuanced business development at its finest. It’s engagement at a velocity few people achieve.

Introductions of this nature are highly confidential and handled only by David Taylor. When one stops to consider the ROI of money spent on accessing the person, entity or company that will ignite your work, it’s MasterCard time… priceless.

We are freaks for customer service – personally and professionally. We like and give the Ritz treatment when we work, volunteer and play. We can make your brand stellar in the marketplace, but if that’s not the experience your customer or client has when they engage, you’ve wasted time and money. Customer experience starts at the front line and must be imbedded into the culture of the organization. We evaluate, set standards, train and establish a culture of excellence within your organization.

Organic growth is great but is largely confined to startups and the few products and companies that go viral. Structure must be put into place in every organization to sustain long-term growth and profitability. We bring strategy and resources to mid-market companies, professional service firms and non-profits that will enable long-term viability and growth.

Organizations never go beyond their leader. Leaders must embody the principles on which their company is built and lead in such a manner that creates success for all team members. Leadership is intentional and none of us raise the bar without a concerted effort to do so. We offer individual coaching in leadership and business development along with practical teaching sessions for your entire team.