Organic vs. Structured Growth?

Feb 12, 2014 David Taylor Blog

This is a loaded title. It’s really not an either/or thing. You need both types of growth in varied quantities depending on your current growth stage. Everyone desires organic growth. You hope for a lot of it in the beginning, and as you grow, you live for the “lightning in a bottle” that will keep the natural growth coming. It happens sometimes—in cycles—but generally it’s a front-end phenomenon.

The key to powering past initial organic growth is designing the strategy that will infuse the underpinning structure needed to continue that growth after the honeymoon. From a marketing standpoint, that means understanding your buying customers and their ever- changing habits. It means taking constant looks at your messaging to be sure it’s connecting. It means measuring your dollars placed to determine if you’re getting the necessary ROI from your efforts. It requires fresh ideas, accurate facts and a passion to do it right.

I’ve observed too many companies in recent years that relied solely on the personality and efforts of the founding owners – a great place to start yet not a source of sustainable growth for the long term. It’s painful to watch a $30M company hit a ceiling and even sometimes reverse course simply because it didn’t establish a strategy to tell its story and effectively reach its target market. No amount of passion or creative design will overcome that. Do what you do with a plan. Strategy is the precursor to all growth.

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