We’re passionate about doing for those who can’t do for themselves and appreciate organizations that do the same. Our plan to scale your organization and its missional capacity include the following four elements: messaging, profile, connectivity and fundraising.

MESSAGING must be consistent Freedom-Ride-fundraisingthroughout an organization, in the community and across all media channels. It must be succinct and easily conveyed without explanation. It must be able to stand on its own and resonate with multiple target audiences.

We clearly define your message based on your mission. It is nuanced depending on the audience, but there is a common and familiar thread no matter the target audience. Your brand will flow out of messaging, raise your profile and serve as the first element of connecting with target audiences.

PROFILE must rise and establish your organization as thought leader within your community of service and with your volunteers, non-profit partners, corporate supporters and   donors with the ability to scale your missional capacity. Individuals, programming, expertise and outcomes will all play a part in increasing profile.

CONNECTIVITY means you must resonate with an extensive body of people and organizations. This must prompt responses and lead to actions that will create the needed associations for growth and success. The broad spectrum of associations must also include the community of potential corporate and individual donors.

FUNDRAISING STRATEGY is developed to compete in the philanthropic marketplace which is crowded and competitive with many viable giving options. We assess your organization’s position in the giving marketplace and its potential donor community, then establish goals within that context for optimum short term giving and long term philanthropic sustainability.

WSB create an intentional plan addressing fundraising goals, board development, solicitation strategies and all revenue channels: major gifts, annual fund, planned giving, fundraising events, corporate giving, year-end giving, potential for profit revenue streams, HNW relationship cultivation and social media campaigns that often serve a “friend raising” function as much as a fundraising one.

The WHOLESHEBANG approach unashamedly speaks the language of business, so we will tell the your story contextualized by ROI and outcomes. We will always position donors as investors and treat them as such. They deserve to know and be secure in the fact that their investment in you has resulted in quantifiable results and changed lives.