About Us

WHOLESHEBANG is a strategy and marketing firm specializing in CMO Services, messaging and marketing for growth and fundraising for non-profits. Our ability to understand and communicate with your target audience is our value proposition to your organization. Our name describes our process. We keep the big picture in view but are always mindful of the streams that feed the larger perspective. In other words, the details matter. With a passion, every single one of them matter to the final result.

Any company in growth mode is one that will resonate with the velocity at which WHOLESHEBANG does business. Success is paramount, so no matter what you do, outcome and ROI really matter and growth is the only option.


David TaylorDavid Taylor is a serial entrepreneur with 25 years experience in understanding the messages to which people respond. He began with two music degrees that wound their way into media and advertising, television, commercial real estate, pastor, coach and consultant, event producer, fundraiser, messaging specialist and business strategist. David brings a unique understanding of human nature to the table that enables passionate connections. He goes beyond the professional to personally involve himself in what helps Florida move forward and volunteers with numerous non-profits to help them effectively connect with donors and investors. He’s a board member of Orlando, Inc. (Orlando Chamber) and the KYMA Life Foundation in Los Angeles. He’s Past President of ACG Orlando and serves on the Orange County Mayor’s MS&T Blue Ribbon Commission. He’s a husband, father of three and entrepreneur to the core.

Kathy-TaylorKathy Taylor has 20 years of experience in graphic design, advertising, art direction and painting. Her past work has spanned full service print shop to national hospitality agency, giving her a unique and comprehensive understanding of the industry. Her work can be seen both in Florida and in such national publications as Conde Nast Traveler and Travel & Leisure. One of her greatest assets is an eye that sees the nuances of life, people and design. Kathy sees the small things that aren’t apparent to most yet subliminally give power and impact to every design and ad. Kathy’s love of children has led her to serve with numerous organizations that meet the needs of children and teens. She’s a wife, mother of three and a creative encourager to the masses.